US DV Lottery 2019. Registration for 2020 The US Visa Lottery (aka “Green Card Lottery”) is now open. All persons entering the entry requirements can apply until 2016 November 6 The lottery is officially called the DV-2020 Lottery. Successful applicants will be able to come to the US as a permanent resident in 2020. The month of January.

Applicants must complete an online form and participate in a green card interview if the initial application is successful. A total of 55,000 permanent residence cards are available to people from “under-represented countries”.

US DV Lottery 2019

US DV Lottery 2019

A lottery will be held in November, but winners will not be notified until 2019. May or June Over the year, millions of immigrants moved to the United States when they won the US Visa Lottery.

Green cards are designed for permanent living. In order to visit the USA for short-term business or tourism, you must register with the ESTA (qualifying nations) or apply for a B1 / B2 visa.

US Visa Lottery 2020 Who is eligible to enter the?

Applicants must be a national of a qualified foreign state with a low level of immigration to the United States. People from countries with high levels of immigration to the US cannot apply for the program.

The country of birth is taken into account, not the country of nationality or place of residence. The following countries do not participate in the Green Card Lottery Program:

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland only), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and Vietnam.

Nationals of non-executing countries may apply if one of their parents is from a qualifying country.

Apply Now

How Can People Apply For A US Visa Lottery?
An online application can be completed online at

The following information is required:

  • 1. Name surname, first name, and surname (exactly as it is in your passport). If you have only one name, enter it in the “last / family name” field.
  • 2. Gender: male or female.
  • 3. Date of birth: day, month and year.
  • 4. Birth city: as shown in your passport.
  • 5. Country of birth: as shown in your passport
  • 6. A party entitled to participate in the Visa Lottery Program: Your country of birth is likely to be.
  • 7. Photography (s): recent (last six months) separate photos of you, your spouse and your children.
  • 8. Address: Full address including postcode.
  • 9. Country of residence: The country where you live today.
  • 10. Telephone number (optional).
  • 11. Email Mail Address: Used for all communications.
  • 12. The highest level of education: secondary school, college, etc.
  • 13. Marital status: married, widowed, unmarried and so on.
  • 14. The number of children: name, date of birth, sex, place of birth and country of birth of all unmarried children (under 21 years).


Fill in the forms carefully, detailing all the details.
2. Start the program using the link below.

3. You must create an account on this site and register your profile. Creating an account online gives us the information we need to return a passport and documents after an online chat.

4. When your documents are ready to pick up, you will receive an SMS and email. Email message on this link phone number and email Email address. It is therefore important to provide correct information. Registration is free.

Start your online application for Green Card Lottery Requirements.

US DV Lottery 2019 Eligible Countries

Married children and children who are 21 or older when submitting your records are not eligible for the DV Lottery 2019 program. However, the Child Protection Act protects children from

“Aging” in certain circumstances. If your DV record is made before your unmarried child turns 21, and a child under 21 is issued a visa, it can be treated as if it were less than 21 for visa purposes.

A child who is already a US citizen or LPR cannot get a visa for diversity; you will not be penalized for including or leaving such family members on the record.

Failure to list all the children who are eligible will deprive the main applicant and refuse to issue all visa applications during the visa interview.

All DV lottery 2020 applicants must visit the E-DV Participant Status website to find their arrival choices. Selected candidates will be informed of the arrival status check, which will be available from 2016 onwards. May 3 Until 2020 September 30

This ongoing process covers 14 countries across Asia. Any other update, stay with us. If you need more information on US DV Lottery 2019 Bangladesh Application Form Please send mail or comment below, but don’t hesitate.

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