Top Best 10 Bangla Songs That are Trending Right Now

1. Oporadhi by Ankur MaArhamud Feat man Alif:

This song has become music in every ‘sliding token’. It hurt the feelings of the typical Bangladeshi boy, who rejected his daughter and could not accept the fact that it was his fault. So, frankly, the guy continues to blame the girl for not returning his feelings, because the relationship shaver doesn’t want to tell a girl in her relationship choices!

2. Angur Mahmood’s compound prison
It really has a great message. It talks about the absurdity of British law that I still follow. This is where the system simply favors the benefits. Innocents spend years in prison, while criminals, on the other hand, enjoy comfortable 5-story apartments from them. Enjoy the song

3. Fire Inspection by Tahsan Khan
It is a sad song about a boy (Tahasan) who remembers love when he left the girl (Disha). She begs him to come back and heal her broken and sad heart. In the original music video, the woman returns and they both apologize to each other and they live happily ever after. Enjoy the song

5. I am not good or good. “The Rabruzman writes.”
Another song about a man who is heartbroken and regrets not having enough for the woman of his dreams. She believes she should have enough for him in another life, but, at this moment, she has to live the life she deserves. Enjoy the song

5. Graduate of Dasarif Khan
It is about the struggle for graduation in the country. A landlord is not allowed to rent an apartment. They don’t have enough money to eat 3 times a day or take a girl out (?!). Https://

Lift. Syeda Omi you
The boy met the girl. They love and they break apart. The boy blames the little girl for crying like a river. End Enjoy the song

7. Tasrip Khan’s autopsy
This song is about a man bribing a woman to love him. If she accepts, he will give her the jewelry she wants. Enjoy the real man song

8. Shalona Ana, composed by Shakti Kakkar and Satan Hashmi
It’s about a man and woman who promised each other 100%. They are both clearly in love, and they can make each other hearts like a guitar! Enjoy the song

9. By road corridor and zoo

The shy boy is about a sick girl waiting to see her clearly on the street, but don’t express her feelings. Enjoy the song

10. Manu Manish by Anupam Roy feat

Satyaki Bandyopadhyay and Babul are all well known
This is a presentation of famous laryngitis at Coke Studio. This is the 10th reason why the reflection is not purely Bengali, despite such a beautiful song. It’s beautiful! Enjoy the song

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