South Korea Work Visa DV lottery result

South Korea Work Visa Div 2019 Lottery Result All companies from candidate agencies around the world are interested in traveling for duty here in Asian country to publish the ad that the EPS Topic CBT 2019 exam maintains the month-to-month calendar solar calendar 2019 before the current click. Hello, Gas Our Website Bangladesh Education Data Site Complete and Worldwide Job Test Results Publish and promote news right here, so bookmark our website and update your news now by visiting our page on Facebook and all social networks.

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  • Application Start: 04 March 2019 (10Am-10Pm)
  • Application End: 04 March 2019
  • Job Vance: 8400
  • Official Website: World Wide
  • Age: 18-39 Years
  • Passport Size: (45-60KB)
  • Korea lottery Result 2019 Check bay Online

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Korean job notice 2018

South Korea Work Visa DV lottery result 2019

South Korea lottery result 2019

World Wide internet will org baccalaureate. when finishing primary registration if candidates cross quite 8400 then eighth March at 12:30 Lottery Result square measure discovered website World Wide internet. somiya

Korea lottery Result 2019

The final lottery result calendars and lottery dates for 202 (calendars) will be announced in their BoSL bulletin at the World Bowl BD or on the EPS BD website. What’s more, we update the top CBT results on Korea Lottery Visa and EPS Take a look at the result on this page. Get a little update for the following. The Somia Study is publishing the results of the South Korean lottery here, so now update the news by visiting Facebook Visas

How to Get an Alien Registration Card in South Korea Country:

This article is dedicated to those who work in South Korea. I’ll tell you what your ID (known as a “foreign registration card”) is and what you need. You must go through the medical examination to get your Korean identity card.
Once you arrive in South Korea with a valid or similar work visa, you must provide an ID. This card is issued by the Immigration Service and will be the primary means of identifying you once you arrive in Korea.
You must undergo a medical examination (as it is known) before receiving your foreign card. The test is extremely comprehensive and includes several extensive tests. The following tests are performed (may vary slightly from place to place):

  • Length of weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Sight
  • Have heard
  • X-ray Book (to make sure you don’t have bronchitis)
    Dental examination (seems too short and irrelevant)
    Blood test

The urine test requires blood and urine tests for the detection of HIV and the use of illicit drugs, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and any other sexually transmitted disease.
The tests cost 1.5 Korean win (until February 25) and the employer must cover it. They do not always do this, so you should be willing to give them up for yourself.
If all test results are clear and health problems are not a problem, you can apply for an immigration registration card at the immigration offices. It should take about ten business days for the application to be kept in your passport.
A foreign card is an ID card that is the size of a credit card. It is used for many purposes, such as opening a bank account, receiving health insurance, applying for a cell phone contract, and generally fixing. The card will contain many fields of information, such as “foreign number” (only your South Korean ID number), your business address, an image of you and your name.
The first version of your card is free, but the new version will cost 10,000 Korean Won (at the time of writing) It is important that you keep your foreign card secure in a place where you cannot work without it.
I hope this article answers any questions you may have about medical exams and foreign cards. For more articles on this field, search this site or browse my personal blog instead.
For more information on the topic of Korea, visit my blog [] and read about how life can be in Korea.
Chris Anderson is currently working as an ESL teacher at Giangzu [].

Cara Bikin Alien Registration Card Korea

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How to Apply for Your ARC in Korea:

The following guide is for people trying to apply for ARC in Korea. This process should be performed as soon as possible after you arrive in Korea.

What is a pressure

The ARC (Alien Registration Card) card is a Korean national identity card. Which is the same as Social Security and ID card together. ARC is required for registration and subscription to basic services like cell phone plan, internet, banking and credit card. Ownership of ARC allows you to enroll in National Health Insurance and Health Insurance Plans for Korea.
You must register for an ARC card within 90 days of your arrival.

How to apply

Follow these steps to register an ARC successfully:
Step 1: Find and schedule an agreed schedule for you and your school, and your assistant teacher gives you time to visit your local immigration office.
Step 2: Schedule a time to visit your immigration office at
Step 3: Visit the Immigration Office on time.
Step 4: Submit the required documents to the Immigration Office Secretary below. Choose to have an ARC matched to your address. Additional small charges will be added to the charge.
Step 5: Wait for your ARC to be processed and sent back in the mail. Results will be mailed within 3 to 5 weeks.

Required Documents Now visiting 

Medical examination

To apply for an RC card, all applicants must complete a complete medical examination at a hospital dedicated to obtaining an E2 visa in their city. It is best to make an appointment in advance with the hospital. For a list of participating E2 hospitals, click here.
Ask for two copies of the results before the test. You will have a copy of the ARC application and another version will be sent to your school.
Documents required for medical examination
Pictures of passport size
2. Valid passport
3. Examination fee: 150,000 ~ 150,000 (additional copy is about 1000 ~ 5000 KRW)
* May vary from hospital to hospital. Contact ahead to check.

What is included in a treatment test?

Treatment tests will examine general health conditions, drug use, and some diseases. The review will consist of x-rays, blood tests, as well as many physical exams.

Countries South Africans Can Travel to Without a Visa

For many years, the burden of getting a visa has been burdensome for most of the countries we want to visit in South Africa. This was especially frustrating for many young travelers who work in the UK for a few years when they are only 20 years old and want to travel as much as possible.
The endless roads, expenses and stresses through which to pay for your vacation (which is required) can be denied a visa, especially when traveling to a party and seeing what is easy and stress-free. This is for everyone traveling with other passports.
The following is an updated list of countries where South African passport holders can travel without a visa, but as it is constantly changing it is advisable to check the website at the end of the article to confirm current visa requirements:


Botswana, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Saint Helena, Senegal, Swaziland and Zambia.
Asia: Hong Kong, Israel, Macao, Malaysia, Palau, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey

Australia: New Zealand

Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Virgin Islands of the United Kingdom.
Europe: Andorra, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Turkey
Indian Ocean: Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles
South Pacific: Fiji, Micronesia, Nauru, Samoa, Tuvalu, Vanuatu
Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
As visa requirements for South Africa are constantly changing, read this updated list.
Click here to see the current and updated list of where South Africa can travel without a visa! [Http://]

Graeme Watson

For an updated list of countries in which South Africa can travel without a visa, log on to []

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