Quota protesters lift boycott of School, varsity exams

Pakistan UNIVERSITY: Quota reformist students leaders moved back (May 15) from their decision of boycotting examinations in the colleges and universities countrywide, to press the government for issuing a gazette of repealing quota.

They came up with the decision, following an affirmation from the government to meet their demands of issuing the Gazette on repealing quota in people service government jobs.   

“We have decided not to boycotts exams, for sake of the students. It can invite session jams if the exams get boycotted, as the month of Ramadan is drawing near,” Hasan Al Mamun, convener of Bangladesh General students’ Right Protection Council, told Banglanews, at noon. 

Citing assurance from the high score of the government, he said that the students won’t stage any stringent program for the time being.

On Today, scheduled exams reported being held at DU, despite boycotting the classes.

However, earlier the students announced to suspend classes and exams in each college and universities across the country, to protest the dilly-dallying of the authorities concerned to publish the Gazette. 

BDST: 1413 HRS, MAY 15, 2018

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