JSC Suggestion 2019 – English 1st paper and English 2nd Paper. We know, you’re upset regarding your JSC Exam, Short 2019. as a result of your Exam, Short is sound within the door. during this article, we have a tendency to ar providing the JSC Exam, Short English suggestion for you.

You already detected that the jsc Exam, Short is going to be started from first Gregorian calendar month 2019 and result are going to be the publication on twenty-eighth Dec. If you wait for jsc suggestion 2019, then it’ll be the incorrect time for you. simply continue your study with this suggestion.

JSC Suggestion 2019


Bangladesh Education Board (www.educationboard.gov.bd) announced a press conference about the Junior School Certificate Exam,. The Exam, will be held on right time said Bangladesh education minister Nurul Islam Nahid. In this year total, 25,00,000 boys and girls student attend on JSC Exam, under the all education board Bangladesh. JSC Result 2019 will be published on 28th December this year. In below I shared the common and short JSC Suggestion 2019.

Suggestion 2019 English

JSC English first Paper Suggestion 2019 All Education Board. JSC English 1s Paper Suggestion and Question Patterns 2019 has been publishing our website All Result BD. Junior School Certificate (JSC) English 1st Paper Final Suggestion 2019. Bangladesh JSC Suggestion 2019 the Exam, Short year 2019. The Bangladesh Education system is Structured of 3 (Three) Major Stages primary, Secondary & Higher Education Board. JSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019 is most important JSC All Candidate of the Education Board of Bangladesh. I Hope this English 1st Paper Suggestion will be Common for Your JSC Exam, Short 2019.

Seen comprehensions:

  • Nakshatra is a…………….(U-1.L-2)
  • Communication of ideas ………(U-9.L-3)
  • The word ‘hygiene`…happy life…..(U-3.L-3)
  • Shamima’s misery……………………..(U-5. L-3)
  • Health is the condition ……………..(U-3 .L-1)
  • River gypsies in………………………..(U-7. L-3)
  • Once upon a time…………………(U-5. L-5)
  • Bangladeshi cuisine …………………(U-1. L-5)
  • A six-year-old boy…………………….(U-8. L-1)
  • Zara live with………………………..(U-6. L-1)
  • At the farthest corner……………..(U-5.L-3)
  • The ethnic people in…………………(U-1.L-3&4)

Unseen comprehensions:

  • JoynulAbedin was……1976 in Dhaka.
  • The Nobel Prize is….. Inventing X-ray.
  • John Donne was ….prose piece.
  • Begum Rokeya was … into a deep gripe.
  • The moon is … to the spaceship.
  • The great ship Titanic … been flooded.
  • Mother Teresa … for humanity.
  • Marconi was in … in 1937.
  • Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir.
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ferdousi, the great poet.
  • Jinananda Das was.
  • Rabindranath Tagore.
  • George Washington.
  • Lord Byron Was

Non-Textual Paragraph

  • Tree plantation ***
  • A Book Fair ***
  • A Street hawker/ Beggar.
  • Winter morning
  • A Rickshaw puller.
  • A Farmer/ A Day Labourer
  • A tea Stall.
  • A School Magazine.
  • A school Library.
  • Load Shedding.
  • Rainy Day
  • National flag.
  • Traffic Jam
  • Village Fair

Completing a story

  1. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a wonderful goose.  —————-.
  2. Once in a very hot day, a fox came to a vineyard where he saw some grapes. ——.
  3. There lived a woodcutter in a village. One day he —-.
  4. A farmer had three sons———————————-.
  5. A shepherd/cowboy———————————-.
  6. One summer day, a crow got very thirsty. It searched ——————-
  7. One day a hare met a tortoise on the way. The hare laughed —————-.
  8. One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing —————-.
  9. Once upon a time, two friends were walking through a forest. They ———–.
  10. Sheikh Saadi ———–.
  11. Robert Bruce ————–.
  12. Unity is Strength.
  13. Dividing the Bread……
  14. A fox without the tail—-
  15. A spider inspires a king ….

Writing Informal Letters

  • Congratulating on brilliant success
  • About preparation for the ensuing JSC Exam,.
  • Describing the study tour/picnic.
  • Thanking for hospitality
  • Thanking for sending a wonderful birthday gift.
  • Inviting to attend your birthday party.
  • About your train journey.
  • About your aim in life
  • Advising to be punctual/ serious to studies.
  • About a street accident that you have witnessed.
  • Describing the importance of reading a newspaper.

JSC DIALOGUE Short Suggestion

 English 2nd Paper JSC Exam, Suggestion 2019

JSC English 2nd paper Short Suggestion 2019. Bangladesh All Board. English ordinal paper suggestion for jsc communication 2019 is going to be accessible here. Suggestion & JSC Question 2019 Patterns of JSC Exam, Short. Before each Exam, Short students are searching for the short suggestion for all education board a more robust study. this can be our first share concerning JSC Suggestion 2019 for English. this can be short JSC Suggestion of 2019 Exam, Short. I hope this suggestion will be 95% common in your Exam, InShaAllah.

English 2nd Paper Composition:

  • The Season you like most.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Your favorite poet.
  • The journey you have recently enjoyed.
  • Your aim in life.
  • The wonder of modern science.
  • Physical Exercise.
  • A Village Market.

English 2nd Paper E-mail Suggestion:

  1. To friend thanking for a birthday gift.
  2. Describing your aim in life.
  3. Preparation for Jsc Exam, Short.
  4. Thanking for hospitality.
  5. Congratulation on brilliant success.
  6. About the natural beauty of Bangladesh.
  7. Inviting the attend a picnic/marriage ceremony.
  8. Asking for some money.
  9. Prize giving ceremony of your school.
  10. Asking for returning the book.

Formal letter:

  1. For a transfer certificate / Seat in the school hostel / Testimonial.
  2. For setting up a Computer lab/Canteen/ Language Club/Literary Club/ Debating Club/ Common Room
  3. School Library.
  4. For full free studentship/help from the poor fund.

JSC Exam, Suggestion 2019 for English Subject pdf

Here you can also get the JSC exam, the short result 2019 sign. Asian Country Educational Board has already highlighted the JSC exam routine, Short 2019, in line with this routine, the exam, the Short Start begins on November 1, and the English exam will be short on November 3rd and November 4th. Here is the 2019 JSC proposal for the English topic for all educational committees.

JSC’s suggestion can make the exam easier. however, it is difficult to find short suggestions and common suggestions. Bangladesh JSC English 2019 Suggestion 2019, AS Bangla Ordinary Paper 2019 proposal, Seines Chief Executive Officer No. 2019 proposal. from our website.

If you have got any question concerning JSC Suggestion 2019 – English first paper and English ordinal Paper suggestion then comment below or message us through our Facebook page. We will reply as soon as possible.

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