HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019. A high-level second-degree certificate, also known as HSC or Intermediate or +2, is a public exam for Bangladesh college students. Source: Wikipedia English first paper is an important topic. This is also a difficult topic. But you can get good results in the first English book. Follow our English suggestions for the 2019 HSC Exam. There is a great collection of hsc English book 1 2018, hsc english 2. paper offer 2019, hsc english 1st book edition 2018, hsc english 1st paper cardboard 2018 dhaka board.

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestions 2019

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestions 2019

Seen Comprehensions (Question 1-3)

From Your Textbook (English for Today)

Unit 01 – Lesson- 1, 3

Unit 02 – Lesson- 1, 2

Unit 03 – Lesson- 1, 2

Unit 04 – Lesson- 1, 3

Unit 05 – Lesson- 1,2,4,5

Unit 06 – Lesson- 1, 2, 3

Unit 07 – Lesson- 4

Unit 08 – Lesson- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Unit 09 – Lesson- 3, 4

Unit 10 – Lesson- 3

Unit 11 – Lesson- 1, 2, 3, 4

Unit 12 – Lesson- 2, 4, 5

Unit 13 – Lesson- 1, 2, 3, 4

Unit 14 – Lesson- 2, 3

Unit 15 – Lesson- 1

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

Paragraphs (Question 7)

Etiquette and Manners/ Social Values


Human Rights/Democracy

Folk Music

Traffic Education


World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh

Food Adulteration

Tree Plantation

Arsenic Pollution

7th March 1971

[১ম পত্রের যে কোনো Paragraph ২য় পত্রে অথবা ২য় পত্রের যে কোনো Paragraph ১ম পত্রে আসতে পারে।]

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

Completing Story (Question 8)

Look before you leap (Farmer and his goose)

The Ant and the Dove

Unity is Strength (Old man and his sons)

The lion and the mouse

A liar shepherd

A hare and a Tortoise

Honesty is the best policy (The woodcutter and his ax).

The Crow and the Jar

Two friends and a bear

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

A fox without a tail

The King inspired by a spider.

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

Informal Letters (Question 9)

a) To your friend…..

About a recent tour/picnic

About your aim in life

About your plan to spend a vacation

Invitation of birthday/marriage ceremony of your brother or sister

About a horrible street accident

To console on his/her fathers or mother’s death

To congratulate on brilliant success

To avoid junk food/smoking/evil companies

About Bangladeshi foods and culture (to a non-Bangladeshi)

About the importance of physical exercise

About your hostel life

HSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2019

Appreciating Short Stories/Poems (Question 11)

Unit 02 – Lesson- 3

Unit 04 – Lesson- 2

Unit 05 – Lesson- 3

Unit 07 – Lesson- 5

Unit 09 – Lesson- 1

Unit 10 – Lesson- 2

Unit 12 – Lesson- 1, 3

Unit 14 – Lesson- 1

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HSC 2019 suggestion

The 2019 HSC proposal was published. You’re in the right place. HSC’s proposal is published every year. In this post, we can talk about the 2019 HSC proposal. We know that the 2019 HSC proposal is very important to you. The 2019 routine of HSC was published.

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