Hidden Gems in Southern California

Hidden gems in Southern California Many tourists travel to Southern California in famous places of San Diego, Disneyland, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. See all these places, but if you are looking for more than just radars, see the following incredible places:

Hidden Gems in Southern California

Riverside Island

My husband and I have spent most of our lives in California, but we have lost these wonderful islands, classified as the largest parks in the United States. In view of some great images on the Internet, we traveled as part of Nixon’s visit to a small boat on the island of Anacapa.

You decide to go, prepare and get provisions. This trip is a good physical form for brave people. This annoying little island will have to climb up 157 steps, where there is no food, service, water or toilet. Now, I hate dependence, but I tell you that the rocky coast, the huge stones, and the Russian peaks are valuable to see. A few hours with inspirational points can easily be moved to the island with a great reward for your efforts.

We visited in June when there are thousands of logs around the small islands and there are beautiful cracks in the wildlife around each corner. If you are very close to those who are inclined at the beginning, just pay attention to their protective mothers.

We returned many years later and visited the largest island of Santa Cruz for the thrill of the historic marine caves. On the boat trip, we saw a whale and a dolphin in two large schools. You could shake some water points, but the cave was amazing. It was a unique experience.

Some people think that the islands have been eliminated, but if you have a brave feeling and love nature, the Channel Islands are considered Galapagos in North America.

Huntington Botanical Garden
This is a great place that we could not see for decades. Located in Pasadena, there are 120 acres of luxury gardens in a luxury property. Not to mention the bright garden, but my favorite of the Japanese garden, the gardener’s garden and the California Garden.

We did not even have the opportunity to see art galleries. The Huntington Art Gallery presents works of art, statues and British decorations from the decorative art industries of the 18th and 19th centuries and the famous blue era. And as an author, I’m not ashamed, we’re not going to the Huntington Library among the largest and most comprehensive research libraries in the United States.

next time.

Ventura County Trine Wine

California may attract attention as a wine country in California, but my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful trip through the coastal hills near Ventura in the coastal city. We have entered 20 winning rooms and exams.

You can book many gastronomic and wine offers. However, we decided to get a map and discover ourselves. Starting at the intersection of Ventura Highway 1 and Highway 101, we come to the top of Highway 33.

The wonderful thing is that it’s a little lonely but interesting, from “the lowest office in the United States” to the last place where someone saw James Dean alive, our favorite search was the old Creek Winery, which was a simple place to to go. And nice dogs and dogs welcome us. We enjoyed bottles of wine and picnic outside the table, which enjoyed the American perspectives.

However, both Ozzano and Ventura have quality rest, excellent space and quality bed and breakfast, and many outdoor activities. In summer, a group of live music activities in the village festival of Vernu Harbor and the weekend.

Beach Lagoon

This beautiful beach is located in downtown Los Angeles and downtown San Diego. With more than 20 landscape scenes, this beach area offers everything for surfing, quilting, sparking, kayaking and whims.

Caution, surfing can be assumed in some places. When I was a teenager, I decided to move my body despite the water and I washed it with a huge wave (remember the song of the son of the beach: Hey Hey Poop!). Actually, I blame the beach of the sea for this incident because they made history with this guitar and romantic song and I was a surfer girl. So blame them.

However, the scenario can not be defeated. Add super stylish restaurants and stores and unique art galleries and get photos. There is a baby boom club dancing on Saturday night. Each summer, they received Woodstock Legon in 1969 celebrating the park’s reward.

Hissler Park is a good starting point, with scenes of disasters located north of the coast and a distance of half a mile from the disaster. You can take one of the beaches and tide pools. Benches, picnic tables and barbecues, from where you can enjoy excellent views. My husband and I had a picnic in the grass area and it was perfect!

Treasure Island Park is another beautiful place, located on the five-star beach in Montagu Laguna, where the stay is really rich. Follow the simple straight path, find beautiful landscapes, many banks. Stairs and ramps take you to the beach, where you can cross the beautiful arches of the rocks at low tide, you can find a place in the night between the sand and a large tidal pool. Also, there is a lot of grass field for picnics. I would suggest bringing a romantic sunset, catching alcohol and bread.

Big Bear Lake

I live in the desert, so the huge beer has moved a beautiful mountain with its beautiful lake and its old forest. Rising, fishing and hiking activities in this small town.

Last summer, my husband and I toured the lake, I was on a field day, 30 meters from the car, and I saw a spectacular view of the spectacular chair. It is about After meeting people mountain bikes, we will put them on our work list later.

Available for more adventure, parasailing and zip line.

El Matador Beach
Are you looking for a fantastic beach with white buckles, rocky cliffs, fragile waves and rock formations in semi-secret places?

Do not look at El Matadar on the north side of Malibu, it’s the Pacific coast. Observe the small brown markings that indicate the small stone parking lot, it is not easy to notice, so be careful with Broad Beach and Decker Canon Road. Once you find it, then some stairs are ready with 150 feet of rock for a walk.

Not for small children or people with physical disabilities, but if you can get away from those steps, it will be tempting for you. The locals know this beach and you can see some photo sessions, we did it!

The beach is very small for this small but fantastic stretch, so have a picnic or a little wine to enjoy the incredible romantic situations and look for a hidden corner.

Round beach

Until now, maybe you’ve seen that my husband and I are beach bombs. We got the accident on the beach the next morning before the flight.

Redondo Pierre is a port reference point, such as Port Cruise, Seasonal Watch, Whale, Pedal and Pedal with a wide spectrum of maritime and port activities. The fact is that we try any of these, but we like the look of Tony Pierre, where we enjoy the best!

The peacock has a 16-foot white shark, which is known as ‘gadget’, which is displayed in a large group of shark attacks. If you’re not a grandchild or youngster in your heart, you can enjoy a yellow submarine for a water aquatic scene (now, the Beatles song is stuck in my head).

Flying from Los Angeles, of course, you want to be at an airport hotel.

Catalina Island

This island is even better than some of my previous recommendations, but it is a favorite enthusiast. My husband and I spent our honeymoon 40 years ago and have returned many times. It is a beautiful little island with a traffic light or fast food restaurant. A general traffic jam involves two golf carts and one cycle for two.

During our honeymoon, we walk happily on horseback and visit the sunset at the famous casinos and small beaches. We lived in the only town of Herbert on the island of Catalonia. Snorkeling, parasailing, fishing, glass bottom boats, paddleboards, segway tours, golf and hiking. Other popular activities

After several decades, we sent our boat from Long Beach to the island, which was a wild trip. Returning to our free water dive by a certified diver in the famous Shettala jungle, surrounded by the poor husband or eldest son Garibaldi. The next time we travel, I want to try a new zip line 600 feet from sea level and a nation

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