Dhaka University 7 Affiliated College Admission Test Notice 2019-20

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019 Adoption of DU 7 to the linked University Circular 2019-2020. The admission circle of the University of Dhaka was published. 7. Admission Circular for Dhaka University Associated University 7 for 2019-2020 Academic sessions related to all information will be available on our website at Somiyastudy.com.

DU 7 College Admission Test Report 2019-2020 www.7college.du.ac.bd. Dhaka Division Top Seven College Students in DU 7 College Adoption Environment 2018 So here’s the DU 7 College Awards Circle. When the Office publishes a Dhaka University 7 College Admission Notice, we are here to update. 7college.du.ac.bd is the official website for the DU 7 College Admission. 7 The College Award Winning will be the wise of the faculty. DU 7 College Science Group Admission Result will be announced shortly after completion 8 December Admission Test. The 7th college business group entry will be announced after December 9th.

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular 2019

The admission test for the 7th University of Dhaka University in 2019-2019 for the first year of the award will begin in 2019. September 25 (Tuesday). The process will last until 2019. October 25 319 (Thursday) 2019 At noon, this news was published by the Department of Public Relations at the University of Dhaka. This was done by a press release. Before 2019 August 30 (Wednesday), This decision was made by dr. A.A.M.S. Arefin Siddque.DU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular

The admission test for the 7 University of Dhaka University will be conducted through different exams. Yesterday, September 24 (Monday) 2019 Dr. A.A.M.S. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dafa, Arefin Siddique said this. However, the date of adoption has not yet been determined. The admission test date will be announced later.


DU 7 College Honours Admission Result

Admission Schedule to the University 7college

  • Online application start: September 25, 2019
  • Online application completion: October 25, 2019
  • Application Form Fee: BDT 400 Taka

DU 7College Admission Circular 2019

Admission to the university affiliated with DU 7 Eligibility:

There were many students who applied for the final year and finished their studies. However, the government’s educational institute is limited. So there were many students who had no access to government colleges, as well as postgraduate students. Because they may not have the minimum result. Each educational institute has rules that allow students to admit. There is a CGPA set in the rules. Then all students cannot apply for admission to universities.

  • HSC with scientific training and Maddrasa plaque: CGPA minimum of 7.00 with the 4th subject (both of SSC and HSC),
  • of the Humanities group and also of the board Madrasah: CGPA minimum of 6.00 with the 4th subject (both of SSC and HSC),
  • From the Business Studies group and the board Of Madrasah: minimum CGPA of 6.50 with the 4th subject (both from SSC and HSC).

Here is the date of the university admission test for children under 7 years 2019-2019:

Date Under the Faculty of Dhaka University
1st December (Friday)  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Humanities)
2nd December (Saturday)  Faculty of Commerce (Business Studies)
8th December (Friday)  Faculty of Science

DU Admission Test Circular 2019

Department of Arts and Social Sciences:

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission NoticeDU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular

DU 7 Affiliated College Admission CircularDU 7 Affiliated College Admission CircularDU 7 Affiliated College Admission Circular

Business Studies Unit:

Science Unit:  


  1. Science Unit Admission Circular 2017-2019
  2. Arts and social sciences Admission 2017-2019
  3. Business Studies Admission Circular Unit 2017-2019

University of Dhaka 7 affiliated colleges:

At 7 universities in Dhaka, there are more than 1 Lakh, 67 Miles and 236 students (graduates and masters) who continue their studies. There are 1149 teachers who teach at these 7 universities that are DUs. The name of Dhaka University Branch 7 is especially below: –

  • Eden Mohila School,
  • The Budrunnessa government began. College of girls
  • Bangla College,
  • Dhaka College,
  • Government Titumir College,
  • Kabi Nazrul Govt. College,
  • Shahid Suhrawardy University

সকল তথ্য যানতে আমাদের ফেইজবুক গ্রুপে Join করুন


DU 7 Govt College Admission Form Fill

To apply for admission to the University DU Govt 7, you must complete the application via the official website of the College. www.7college.du.ac.bd is the official site to enter government university 7. Therefore, follow the instructions below to enter university 7 governments

  1. Go to www.7college.du.ac.bd
  2. Click on sign in / Apply the bottom and grant your HSC balancing, year and approval table and also grant you
  3. SSC balancing and click on Submit lower.
  4. After clicking Send, you will find your data and the eligible Application Unit. Now click on Confirm lower part.
  5. Now provide your scanned photo, your personal phone number, and other information.
  6. You will now receive a payment receipt for full payment. Now download and print this copy to send

DU Govt 7 Schools Admission of honors Number of seats

Sources said that seven universities have at least 20,000 places for first-year students in different departments. University sources said last month they met with the DU Vice Rector. It was decided that the first year’s award would be in writing. In addition, no decision was made whether admission to seven universities would take place either separately or at the same time.

(1) Admission of honors from Dhaka College – Subject: 19 – Total seat: 3515

(2) Government Admission of honors from Titumir College – Subject: 22 – Total seat: 5680

(3) Admission of honors from Eden Mahila College- Subject: 22 – Total seat: 4685

(4) Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Admission of honors for the female college – Subject: 20 – Total seat: 1395

(5) Government. Admission of Bangla College honors- Subject: 18 – Total seats – 2350

(6) Kabi Nazrul Govt. Admission of university honors- Subject: 17 – Total seat: 1820

(7) Admission of honors from Shahid Suhrawardy College- Subject: 17 – Total seat: 1570

How to apply 7 schools under the admission of the University of Dhaka?

Students must apply online. The online submission process will begin on 26 October. And it will last until November 14th. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences exam will take place on December 1st. Examination at the Faculty of Business Administration will take place on December 2.

The Department of Science exam will take place on December 8th. Details of admission exams will be announced later at the University Admissions Office. Apply the instructions. Details will be provided here.

Dhaka University Under 7 College Notice

We always try to get more updates every second. So join us and keep visiting our website at Somiyastudy.com. Full update on 2019-2020 We will announce the Circle to enter the University of Dhaka University 7 on our website.

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