Dhaka Residential Model School HSC Admission Circular 2019 & Result

Dhaka Residential Model School HSC Admission Circular 2019. Dhaka Residential Model School (DRMC) HSC Admissions Notice 2019-2019 May 10, 2019. Dhaka Residential Model College HSC Admission Result Download below.

Dhaka Residential Model College The 2019-2019 edition of the HSC Recruitment Circular was published on the official website of the Dhaka Residential Model School (www.drmc.edu.bd). The DRMC HSC recruitment Circular will be published in an important release in 2019-2019. Now you can get the Dhaka Residential Model College HSC recruitment range from 2019 on somiyastudy.com.

Dhaka Residential Model College HSC Admission 2019

A few days ago, the SSC 2019 was released. Currently, students are looking for colleges to recruit HSC in 2019-2019. Dhaka Residential Model College is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. This is the https://somiyastudy.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/hsc-admission-logo.jpgyear, Dhaka Retail Model School HSC 2019 admission process from May 13, 2019 to May 24, 2019. The fee is TK 150. Stakeholders need to register for SMS from any Teletalk prepaid mobile number.

Dhaka residential model school HSC admission 2019-2019 SMS system. The HSC admission 2019 retail model school information updates such application procedures, selection criteria, admission results on the official website of the Dhaka Residential Model School at www.drmcbd.hpage.com and on our website.Dhaka Residential Model College HSC Admission 2019

DRMC HSC Recording 2019 Status and Processes:

For the research team, students need GPA-5, Business Studies Group: GPA-4.50 and Arts Arts Group: GPA-4.00. Internal students have more opportunities to enroll. GPA-4.83 for internal students in the Science Group, GPA-4.00 in Business Studies and GPA 3.50 in Human Sciences.

Download Dhaka Residential Model College Circular 2019

The retail model school HSC starts in May 2019 and starts on May 26, 2019. Students challenged by the Board of Directors may apply until June 5, 2019. For details, please enter the

SMS system at:

Only send a message from Teletalk prepaid mobile phone.

College EIIN No and the first letter of the desired group and the first 3 letters of the forum & SSC Roll No & SSC / The first letter and first version of the year of the transfer and the desired change is the name and quota of the name and send it to 16222.

Example: CAD 108258 SCI DHA 987654 2015 M B & send.

After sending an SMS, you will receive a return message with your PIN and payment information. If you accept SMS. Then type YES & PIN & Contact Number and send it to 16222.

Example: CAD Yes PIN Contact Number and send it to 16222.

You will then receive a confirmation message that mentions your name and trace number.

The Dhaka HSC Admission Result 2019 residence was published at 5 pm on June 5, 2019.

Group Short Code: “S” for Science, “B” for Business Studies, “H” for Humanities.
Version shortcode “B” for Bangla, “E” for English.
The shift is short for “M” for Morning Shift, “D” for Day Shift, “E” for Evening Shift, and “N” for Shift.
Quota shortcode: “FQ” for freedom fighter, “EQ” for children’s quota, “SQ” for special quota. XI Online Application System 2019

About Dhaka Residential Model College

Dhaka Residential Model School (DRMC), called Residential Model School. This is a public school located in the capital of Bangladesh, Mohammadpur. The school provides education from grade 3 to college. More than 5,000 students from the DRMC, of whom 1,000 live in six colleges, are the country’s largest public and one of the largest retail schools.

DRMC Admission System:

Although the Dhaka Residential Model School operates through the college from the third degree, it only enters grades 3, 9 and 11. As a result, higher grades have fewer students than lower classes because of the relatively high number of students. Classes 3 and 9 are based on recording tests. DRMC admission tests are highly competitive.

The Dhaka Residential Model College EIIN is 108258.

Classroom students receive written and viva voce tests both in the morning and in the daily shift. Students who pass the written test must be subjected to the viva exam. In addition to written and viva tests, candidates must undergo a medical examination: “

The college admission grade 11 determines the student average (GPA) in the SSC study. In the SSC, the highest ranked students compete for admission because the school has limited enrollment in all classes.

DRMC HSC Admission Circular 2019

Uniform: In winter, the uniforms of six to twelve grade students consist of a short-sleeved white shirt with white pants. The uniform is slightly different in the winter season. In winter, students wear a dark blue sweater with a tie, along with a shirt and pants.

Dhaka Retail Model College Admission Result 2019

In addition, a name tag and college badge are included as part of the uniform. The sleeve has a tiny badge that indicates the house to which the student is attached.

On this website, you can receive important notifications about the Dhaka Admissions School’s HSC Admission Circular 2019-2019. So, somiyastudy.com to receive important information.

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