Dhaka College HSC Admission Notice Result 2019 Download

Dhaka College HSC Admissions Notice 2019 Download. Dhaka College Admission Result was announced in 2019. The JSC College of Hockey Admission Course 2019 will be available here. Dhaka College HSC Admission 2019 Online Event May 13, 2019, and ends on May 24, 2019. All information about the entry is available on the Dhaka College website: www.dhakacollege.edu.bd and on our website…

Dhaka College HSC Admission Notice 2019

Here Publish DC Admission Notice 2019 Download. Dhaka College Recruitment Announcement for the 1st Year 2019-2019 on May 13 (Sunday) 2019. Dhaka College Entry Fill 2019 Template, Posting and Advertising Fee on the Internet and Teletalk Prepaid mobile. Attractive applicants must send SMS to a Dhaka College to apply on June 30 (Sunday) until May 24, 2019 (Thursday) until 201 June 5 (Sunday) 2019.

Online Release Date: May 13, 2019

Online Date Completion: June 24, 2019

Check the online reporting date Finish: June 5, 2019

Applying list: June 10, 2019

Admission Start: July 1, 2019


Dhaka College HSC Admission Circular 2019

Attractive applicants can recognize Bangla and English at Dhaka College. But art groups can only participate in the Bangla version. They will not be recognized in English.

Eligibility: Attractive applicants must mention CGPA to be recognized in the first year of the Dhaka College in 2019-2019. The CGPA, mentioned by the Dhaka College Authority, was given. Such as:-

Dhaka College XI Admission Circular 2019 Download

Dhaka College XI Circular

Dhaka College HSC Admission Notice

Note: These applicants change their group, the minimum value for CGPA is given below: –

Scientific Group for Business Studies or Art Group: CGPA 5.00

Group of Business Studies or Art Group: CGPA 5.00

Art Group for Business Studies: CGPA 4.50

HSC Admission Online Application Form 2019
About Dhaka College:

Dhaka College is Bangladesh’s oldest and best college. Usually, this college has given two versions of education. Bangla and English are two versions of the university. This college also has honors, diplomas and masters courses. Then all students are interested in Dhaka College. But not everyone can admit themselves. Bangladesh Secondary Education The first year of recruitment begins on May 13, 2019. For science, humanity and the business group, approx. You know you can recognize yourself online.

Dhaka College HSC Admission Result 2019

The Dhaka College Admission Result will be available after the admission application process. They publish the list of merit and publish it. As soon as he is posted, the 2nd Honor 2019 result. Get access by browsing 2019.

Updating the Dhaka College Admission Notice 2019 becomes available. See all updates on somiyastudy.com.

Dhaka College HSC Admission Notice 2019

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