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BoSL Korea EPS Topic Result 2020 Bangladesh. Looking for Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2020? The post will then guide you to the EPS topic 2020, which is posted on the official website www eps go kr bd. The Korean Korean lottery will be registered at But there are rumors that this year the Korean lottery will be registered in Bangladesh through an application-based website.

Korea BoSL EPS Topic CBT Online Registration 2020. South Korea EPS-Topic CBT Online Registration Notice Posted at EPS Top CBT 2020 to begin registration online from March 11, 2020 দক্ষিণ BOESL Online Registration Authority Notice on South Korea EPS Topic 2020 The TRA has issued a notice on registration date. EPS Topic CBT announced the March 5 notification. After you finish registering online, the lottery results will be posted next to the list.

BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration Result

EPS TOPIK 2020 Results Bangladesh
EPS Topic CBT 2020 will be recorded online on March 11, 2020 at 10am. It will end March 17 at 17:00. The results of the BOESL EPS topic lottery will be published on March 19, 2020 at noon. Applicants can verify their results by uploading a PDF file as a PDF result in the Topic EPS lottery.

EPS Topik 2020 Korean Lottery Results

The result of the EPS-topic registration lottery will be posted on the Internet March 19, 2020. The final form for the selected candidates should be completed between March 22 and March 31, 2020. The details will be updated later.

First, about 8,000 applicants will receive a lottery change. Then, if the number of online lotteries in Korea is more than 8,000, the authorities will choose to create lottery candidates on a computerized system.

Result Has Been Published here…………..

BOESL EPS Topic Lottery Result

BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration Result

Download Lottery Result Full

Eligibility For Apply

  • Interested applicants have to be skilled in Korean language,
  • Involved applicants ‘birth year have to 25 March 1979 to 8 March 2001,
  • applicants have not be a criminal,
  • Involved applicants have to permitted to go out of Bangladesh any time,
  • Involved applicants have to registered by MRP (Machine Readable Passport),
  • applicants have to input applicant’s full name, date of birth, passport no, scanned copy of photo (45-60KB) & mobile number etc.

How To Apply EPS-Topic CBT Online Registration
To Apply Candidates have to Fill Up Application Form. When Applying For CBT You have to Upload Your Scanned Passport Copy.
Applicants must submit their application in the BOESL EPS TOPIK CBT 2020 online registration form. The address of the BoSL website is or
Korean online registration link
Mainstream 2020
BOESL Korea EPS TOPIK Registration Result

Vacancy Declaration:

  1. Upon receipt of the original letter of application, BOESL collects the resume through one or a combination of the following processes for alignment to consider suitable candidates, either through the Bangladeshi Foreign Mission or directly from the employer. Employer.
  2. Newspaper Advertising
  3. Advertising through the site.
  4. Advertising bulletin boards
  5. Job Seeker at BOESL Data Bank
  6. From the specialized section.

I hope you like the notice on the EPS-top CBT online registration form. If you have any questions about the notification, just comment below and we will try to answer.


  • Applicants must be Korean experts,
  • The year of birth of the applicant is from 13 March 1977 to 12 March 1999,
  • The applicants concerned were not criminals,
  • The applicants will leave Bangladesh at any time,
  • Applicants must register for MRP (Machine Readable Passport)
  • Applicants will have to pay BDT. 2000 is also called “BOESL, Dhaka Dhaka”
  • Applicants must enter the applicant’s full name, date of birth, passport, scanned
  • copy of the image (45-60 KB), scanned copy of payment order, mobile phone number etc.

Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2019

Our lowest possible category wise service charges are stated below:

Category If Airfare provided by Employer If Airfare not provided by Employer
Un Skilled BD 25,000/-

(Twenty-Five Thousand Taka)

BD 17,000/-

(Seventeen Thousand Taka)

Skilled BD 35,000/-

(Thirty-Five Thousand Taka)

BD 25,000/-

(Twenty-Five Thousand Taka)

Professional BD 60,000/-

(Sixty Thousand Taka)

BD 45,000/-

(Forty-Five Thousand Taka) Selection of candidates:

Employers or their representatives conduct interview / business exams and final selection of candidates for which BOESL provides necessary support and logistical support, such as issuing interview cards, organizing appropriate places for interview / written examinations, and business practice exams if needed.
BOESL always chooses employees by their employer or their representative. If the employer wishes to do so, BOESL can also select employees on behalf of the employer through its expert committee.

Medical Evidence of Korean Online Registration:

Candidates selected for the medical examination should be sent to the designated / recognized medical center only. These are usually displayed in the medical centers listed by the embassies in the countries they operate.

 How To Check Eps Topik Result With Total Score

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Somiya Study Publish BoSL Korea EPS Topic:

Applicants will receive any relevant information and will also result in the BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT 2019 online registration form on the BoSL website: or These are available on our website at Somia
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