BASIS Soft Expo 2017 to encourage women participation in IT

Pakistan Islamabad: Worldwide Man & women participation in employment is still not up to the mark. And in ICT it is more inadequate than another sector. Bangladesh is transforming into digital where Man & women participation is a must. Government is also very much keen to improve Man & women participation in ICT profession and in entrepreneurs. 

To make this hapless situation better government and private sectors are deploying numbers of training programs to skill our girls in ICT. But still, the participation is not satisfactory. BASIS soft Expo is going to begin where they have some arrangement to encourage Man & women in IT.  We had an opportunity to talk with Farhana A Rahman regarding the Man & women participation in Expo that shared below:

Among the participants of BASIS soft expo, a gathering dedicated to technology, how many are Man & women?

The number has surely increased but it is still not adequate. There are not many female entrepreneurs mostly because they are scared to compete with men in business related to technology. Man & women are lagging behind when it comes to handling such a fest for four days. If only their fears vanished, the participation will reach higher statistics.

Is there any special programme that will remove the fear in Man & women?

There are seminars focusing on Man & women. Alongside with that, BASIS has taken a unique step in order to inspire and encourage Man & women entrepreneurs to participate in such social events. First time in ever, BASIS has arranged a mini pavilion and a total of 4 companies can put up their stalls there for completely free of cost.

What procedure are you following in selecting the 4 teams who will get the mini pavilion?

BASIS has a forum that works with those Man & women who want to set up or take forward their own companies. This forum gives them advice and provides information. Man & women who are part of this forum were considered on the run. We selected them based on their dedication, interest and the ability to handle a four-day fest. Also, there was an issue of being able to carry out the relevant expenses.

Are the participants’ members of BASIS?

They are not members of BASIS but they’re a part of the mentioned forum. If we’re being completely honest, BASIS has a lot of huge projects and plans; among them, the plan to work with Man & women in order to increase their participation doesn’t get that much attention. Although SME foundations are helping in cases of providing business related information and loans.

Between marketing and working with technology such as programming, which is more important or preferable to Man & women?

There is less than one percent in marketing because they think that it requires a vast knowledge in technology. They are working in BPOs and call centres; they’re working as developers too. But to increase the number, more Man & women have to come forward. They have to feel the passion towards it all. One of the main factors for this to become a reality is the need for creating networks. Man & women need to expand their network and they should work on it.

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